Saturday, 28 August 2010

Exergaming in the Media

he Exergame Network is dedicated to the advocacy of exergaming, and members of TEN are always busy at conferences and seminars giving talks and presentations about exergaming.

Members of the group often break out of the regular circuit, into mainstream media with high profile website articles, news paper and magazine features, even TV and radio. The latest of the media appearances are from Dr Ernie Medina and Stephen Yang, both great advocates of exergaming and valuable contributors to TEN.

Watch Stephen Yang on ABC's Good Morning America here, as he demonstrates applications of Exergaming.

Listen to Ernie Medina on Health Talk Radio here where he explains "What is Exergaming".

Both of these segments have been given a soapbox from the aspect of Health, but Ernie and Stephen both make it clear that the key element of exergaming is not just health, but FUN!

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