Thursday, 14 April 2011

TEN : With Added Focus

In two years The Exergame Network has grown to be the largest and most effective independent exergaming advocacy. TEN is now looking to add specialist focus for the areas that need it, and in true TEN style, it is the members that will define this direction.

Each focus stream will require a leading officer and a deputy, responsible for bringing individual focus to the group as a whole and being the primary TEN specialist spokesperson in that area.

Suggestions so far for focus areas are based on profession, exergaming application, by region and exergaming beneficiaries. Here are some examples to start thinking about;

Interest Groups
Healthcare Professionals
Youth Workers
Students & Researchers
Manufacturers & Distributors
Tournament Providers

Application Areas
Clubs and Gyms
Group Fitness
Competition Groups
Consumers & Home exergaming

Exergaming Regions
USA West
USA Central
USA East
South America

Demographics of Exergaming
Weight Loss Patients
People with Disabilities
Disadvantaged Youth

There is a Skype call on Saturday (see!/event.php?eid=207878292563966&index=1) where we will start the discussion. Which of the above groupings make most sense, or is there another way to have speciality? How would a grouping be split, and who would lead each area? Please join in if you can and vote for the future of TEN.

On the call you will also find out more about TEN's Rating System for exergames, and the presentation session at Games for Health from TEN pioneers Richard Coshott, Lisa Witherspoon Hansen and Brett Young! For more on this event see

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