Monday, 13 June 2011

Console games bring children necessary exercise

Parents’ restrictions can keep children sedentary

According to a Finnish Think Tank (Demos Helsinki) and they say that the game console can be a source of play and physical activity for kids indoors.
They also had these key points in their article outlining the group's findings from their study:
Children and young people who spend much time playing computer games may actually be getting more exercise than is generally imagined.
- Strong growth is expected in the games encouraging exercise. 
High-tech games are no longer confined to the indoors. 
According to the report, children need more encouragement in outdoor games, as enthusiasm for fitness is often sparked through playing and games.

I also found a reference to a Finnish fitness tracking social network site HeiaHeia! 
A fun way to keep fit! Keep track of all your sporty activities and cheer for your friends. 

Other similar sites include Endomondo, Plus 3 Network, and DailyBurn - BurnBot.  If you have other social networking sites to track fitness, nutrition, and more, please let us know. Be sure to also follow the work of Ted Vickey on his research on Social Fitness especially as it relates to social networking.


  1. Your article is moral of health. It is blissful for all the gamers junkies who spent their amount of hours in front of computers and console. Exercises are now essential for every age of person.
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  2. Well there are lot of game arcade for exercise like for example the kinect and move and they have games too for exercise purposes