Sunday, 3 July 2011

Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment (DNA) conference features Exergaming

In the last days before the conference and strong interest as the panellist line-up is revealed for the 'DNA Conference' taking place in the heart of London, on July 14th, 2011 - covering all aspects of the Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment (DOE) industry. Entering the final count-down and the rush for the remaining places at the conference and evening reception reaches a crescendo.

This ground-breaking one-day event comprises six (6) dedicated sessions that speak directly to the industry and new opportunities - with a leading selection of speakers with direct experience in the sector and its future.

TEN supporter and contributor Duncan Lawson, Managing Director of Instyle Fitness, presents will focus on developments in the Exergaming scene that are driving development.

The event is organised and the session moderated by long standing TEN supporter Kevin Williams, best know for The Stinger Report, owner and director of KWP Ltd. * To benefit from 'Supporters Discount' - email : and to Register Online (and the full list of sessions) go to

The event is listed on The Exergame Networks Google calendar here. If you know of any conferences or exhibtions featuring exergaming, let us know!


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