Monday, 5 March 2012

Just Dance 3 Wins Top International Industry Award

Just Dance 3 Wins Top International Industry Award

Just Dance 3 by Ubisoft has been awarded the top accolade by public vote in The Exergame Network Awards 2011. Active video games nominated by industry experts were put to the public for the ultimate exergaming releases of 2011, attracting voting from around the world.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 5, 2012 – In the category for Best Home Exergame of 2011, Ubisoft's Just Dance 3 has taken the honours with the majority of the public vote. The most popular exergames are dance variations, taking three of the top four places in the voting.

The full nominations and the results for The Exergame Network Awards 2011 were;

Best Home Exergame 2011
Kinect Sports Season 2
Just Dance 3
Dance Central 2
Dance Dance Revolution II
UFC Personal Trainer

The results of the public vote are as follows, Winner: Just Dance 3 (39.5% of votes), Runner-up: Kinect Sports Season 2 (22.0% of votes)

”Dance exergames are very powerful for engaging players in an intense workout that has a focus on fun. From my first hand experience of Machine Dance in our facility, XSITE in Hobart Australia, I see the appeal every week.” says Brett Young, founding member of The Exergame Network and CEO of Exergaming Australia.

Commercial grade exergaming launches, suitable for schools, gym and public spaces, featured in The Exergame Network awards with a strong contingent of mobile exergames and unique solutions.

Best Commercial Exergame 2011
Bjong TrezrHunt
Fruit Ninja for Rehabilitation
Exergame Station
Mobile Adventure Walks

The results of the public vote are as follows, Winner: Exergame Station (41.5% of votes), Runner-up: Bjong TrezrHunt (26.8% of votes)
"We are extremely excited, honored, and humbled to have received this award, especially in view of the fine products represented by the other finalists. I want to thank Stephen Yang and his staff and students at Cortland for all their help and support. I also want to thank Dr. Gregory Reeds and Canisius College, as well as The Exergame Network, and of course all the public that participated in the voting. We look forward to continued collaborations, and we will continue to work hard to provide products that let our customers play hard, and to show our appreciation for having received this award." says Michael Pelletter, CEO of Exergame Station.

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