Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Exergames good first step, according to Peng

8-8-12: For those who have been in the field of exergaming for some time, this just published article on the effectiveness of exergames to increase physical activity is not new. We all know that certain games, in certain settings, can get the target population--sedentary Americans--in the moderate to vig. level fairly easily, while many other exergames will only get them in the "low intensity" level.

That's like saying swimming isn't as good a cardiovascular workout as it's cracked out to be because some just splash around or walk in the shallow end...even though many swim competitively or play water polo, both very vigorous cardiovascular activities.

Read this review about this RWJF sponsored research in this e-health newsletter I subscribe to.

By the way, some of the latest research in physical activity and hypokinetic disease is focusing on the "other 23 hours"...and how sedentary we are, even AFTER doing our 1 hour of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity a day! Here is where exergaming can really make a huge impact!!!

Some of the latest cancer research talks about how just 1-2 minutes of movement every hour will lower cancer biomarkers...and this is independent of your doing the prescribed 1 hour a day of MVPA!!! (Read more about that in my Physical Activity Evangelist blog)

So instead of blasting exergames for not being "exercise" enough, why not focus on how exergames can help REDUCE CANCER biomarkers and impact the "other 23 hours"???

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