Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dance! It's Your Stage drops on XBLA. First Multiplayer-Multimodal Exergame (MME)

Can't wait for Xbox 360 Kinect or Playstation Move?  The newest dance exergame will be dropping within a couple of weeks for XBLA and it will be truly a multi-platform gaming system as it will be playable on Xbox 360, Nintendo DS & Wii, PC. It will also be compatible with Wii Mote, Xbox 360 controller, Wii Fit Board and a DDR dance pad.  It will be interesting to see how this game plays as we've only seen the trailer and some uploaded in-game footage. [Via Joystiq]

Dance - It's Your Stage promo
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Exergaming Benefits
  • 20 different dance routines that may incorporate the upper-body as well as lower (competency)
  • 8 dance stages to choose from (autonomy)
  • Design your the look of your own avatar (autonomy)
  • Play with your friends (relatedness). Thinking about having one player use her DS, another on a laptop and another on a dance pad or Fit Board is fascinating and may be they first truly multiplayer - multimodal exergame 
  • Hip-hop, rock, and reggae dance routines (autonomy)
  • Improved play moves your dance status from street performer all the way to star stage performer (presumably baking up Justin Bieber or Lady GaGa.)
  • The training mode looks to be useful way to help players learn the dance moves. (competency)
Exergaming Concerns
  • The arrows seem awfully small, even with a big screen tv, and off to one side.
  • When you miss a step or move your instantaneous feedback (competency) is "Yuck!" From the many discussions we've had with youth, they don't like these judgments being displayed after each error.
  • At the end of a failed routine, your avatar will go into a disappointed forward slouch.
  • The arrows are confusing for me as I'm used to playing DDR, and iDANCE but I assume the reason they are done that way to avoid legal trouble from Konami and their IP patents.
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    why can't they make a great Dance Game. Use the best of all games and technology and make the best Dance Game Ever. It looks like I have to wait ...