Friday, 3 September 2010

Benefits of Exergaming for Kids

As the school year is getting underway and we are forming new partnerships with local elementary schools, I felt it was important to bring up the benefits of exergaming for kids once again. This simple online article on FitDay lists and summaries 4 of the important benefits.

  1. Exergaming Facilitates Exercise. Gaming is popular among children and with exergaming; technology can now help facilitate exercise. There are different exergaming categories such as camera exergaming, rhythm exergaming, exergaming machines, workout exergaming and sensory exergaming. Exergaming can be enjoyed by anyone because there are games to suit people of any gender, ability, fitness level or age.
  2. Exergaming Promotes Good Health. The physical exertion involved in the games has positive effects on health and fitness. Exergames can assist in calorie burning, cardiovascular health, can help improve coordination and body movements, improve cognitive performance and can help to decrease stress levels.
  3. Exergaming Creates Variety. Exergames can provide a way for kids to get exercise without the pressure to perform on a sports team and are also an option for kids who find other forms of fitness training boring.
  4. Exergaming as a Social Activity. Exergaming can be played when kids have friends over. It can also be a family activity, facilitating family bonding, because exergaming has options for all ability levels and ages. Playing against other people promotes competition and therefore offers an incentive to be physically active.

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